Sunday, March 6, 2011

We're Here

We’re here. We’ve been here about 6 weeks and I wonder why I didn’t do this move to the country years ago. In the mornings I’m woken by so much light and sunshine coming into our bedroom. In the evenings the corellas fly overhead, and land in the pine trees that mark out the edges of our paddocks. There are a couple of kookaburras who are regular visitors, and just like the song, they sit in our old gum trees and they sing and laugh.

No one drives down our street – we’d be lucky to see more than two cars each day. It’s quiet and peaceful. I drive a very easy 35 or 40 minutes to and from work each day through the four little towns between here, and there. It’s a surprise if there are more than three cars on the road with me. There are ‘roo warning signs along the highway. I saw my first one standing watching the cars go by last week, before it took off back into the scrub.

Our house is snug and cosy. It’s smaller than the last place and that’s a Very Good Thing. We knocked about in the old house with much more space than we needed. Now, just like the littlest bear, our new house is neither too big, nor too small but Just Right. It’s a miners cottage, ninety-one years old. I like to think that we’ll have a party for the house when it turns 100 in a few years time.

Our land hasn’t been used for much in quite a while. There were a few pet sheep grazing and a lot of chooks doing their thing, but that was about it. Now the paddocks are green and after the wet summer that we’ve had, they’re very green. Eventually there’ll be goats or sheep or alpacas or donkeys or……..well eventually there’ll be someone living there, but not just yet.

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  1. Hey Andy, look forward to reading more adventures in the bush. Also, to visiting one day :)